Rwanda has made remarkable strides in maternal mortality reduction. The Maternal Mortality Ratio in 2010 was 487 per 100,000 live births, which is high – yet only five years earlier it stood at 750 per 100,000. Similarly, in 2007/2008, the Infant Mortality Ratio in Rwanda was 62 per 1000 while in 2010 it was 50 per 1000.

CARMMA in Rwanda is coupled with the White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) Initiative, which was launched in 2009 with the objective of completing national efforts to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.

The WRA strategic plan (2010-2015) is being implemented and it has a key role in uniting the

multiple programmes in support of safe motherhood around one framework of action. The role and commitment of the First Lady, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, who launched CARMMA in 2010 and brought together many stakeholders, is significant in the overall drive to reduce maternal and newborn deaths in the country.

With Mrs. Kagame as patron, WRA’s board of high-level decision makers and representatives from diverse areas can influence policies and laws in support of safe motherhood as a human right. As part of the national efforts, on 11 November 2011, WRA organized a one-day workshop to increase media awareness of safe motherhood and equip journalists on the subjects of maternal health and family planning.

Read the statement by the UN Resident Co-ordinator during the General Assembly of White Ribbon Alliance Rwanda (WRA) for Safe Motherhood and the official launch of CARMMA.